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Yoga for teenagers

10-Week Course, $160

Tuesdays 4.30 - 5.30pm

This fun and active series of classes for teenagers has been specially developed for the needs of young adults.  Yoga is wonderful for helping teens develop focus, become more centred, build confidence, develop discipline, improve posture and relieve stress.

The teenage years are both an exciting and challenging time for many adolescents due to the many changes that are happening as their bodies and brains are rapidly developing. Starting yoga in the teenage years is the optimum time to begin a practice that can then bring support, balance and stability throughout the various stages of life.

During the course, yoga poses are explained and the understanding of how to practice gradually builds up.  You do not need to be flexible or strong but these, and many more benefits, will come with practice.  Held in a non-competitive and inclusive environment.


If a student misses one of their enrolled classes they are welcome to do an additional class on the timetable. This extra class can be taken at any point throughout the same Term.  This extra class must be organised ahead of time so that the teacher of the class can expect the student.

The course can be joined part way through the term. Please contact us to arrange this.